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Journal of a Study Abroad SJSU Student

31 March
Hi, I'm Sherry and I'm going to study abroad in Spain for an academic year. It's going to be so awesome. It's 5:05am right now and I can't sleep because I had too much caffiene at my cousins graduation party last night. I work in a gymnastics club, California Sports Center to be more specific. I work at the Sunny Vale location. I coach preschool and recreational gymnastics. I work with ages 18 months and up. It's a great experience and I hope they will take me back on their staff after I get back from Spain. It's really getting hot here in the bay area. However it's even hotter in Fresno, which is where I'm from. I hate the heat. I'm actually surprised that I had the discapline to go running on thursday evenings with some friends from church. I went to the farmers market yesterday morning and got raspberries and cherries, two of my favorite fruits. Today I have to sub for someone at work and coach girls rec as opposed to helping out with the preschool program like I usually do on Saturday's. It should be fun because I get to work with kids who actually know how to follow directions and who know how to work hard. I know this because I see them working with their coach and I'm happy to get to work with them. I think that it's a really rewarding and fun job.