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October 10th, 2008

nothing is getting done

I feel like absolutely nothing is getting done. I have two projects that are now late. So next week is now jammed packed. On Monday I have; work for my aunt from 9am until noon, class from 2:30pm until 3:20pm, work at the gym from 4:30pm until 6:30pm, and FHE at 7:30pm.
On Tuesday I have two midterms and a late project to turn in. On Wednesday I have work for my aunt from 9:30 until noon and class from 2:30pm until 3:20pm. And on Thursday I have three classes one of which has the midterm that day and a late project to turn in. And I have to look for an apartment. I think that there are not enough hours in the day. What to do what to do. It's past time to put the pedal to the metal as far as getting work done goes. I also need to start packing for the move.

August 13th, 2008

the state of my life

So I have decided that it is officially time for me to switch banks. I am going to switch from Citibank to Bank of America. That way it will be easier for my dad to make deposits and it will be more convienient for me because it is up the street from where I live. I am actually making a dent in my credit card debt as well as the debt to my dad. So financially things are going well right now.

School starts in less than two weeks and I am so not ready for that to happen. I can't believe school is starting on a Monday this semester. I still have to buy books. I want to buy them next week to beat the crowds, hopefully.

I am going home to Fresno for the weekend for the first time since working my summer camp job which just ended on Sunday. I really miss my parents and Ginger (their puppy). I also miss my friends in Fresno, hopefully I will get to see them this trip. I have to go to the office on Thursday morning before I can go home.

July 8th, 2008


I am coming back to San Jose today. My train leaves Fresno at around 12:20 this afternoon. I can't wait to see John again. He left Fresno on Saturday night so he could get things taken care of at church and get some studying done for his job. It hasn't even been 72 hours but I miss him so much.

Also it is an inferno in Fresno. Yesterday it hit 107 degrees outside and today is supposed to be 110 degrees. It's too hot to do anything except hang out by the pool at my parents house. It has been so hot here that I haven't even been sleeping very well the last couple of nights, pretty much since John left the heatwave hit and I haven't slept well since. Right now Fresno is a firey inferno from hell.

Oh well, it will be hot in San Jose, but it won't be as hot as it is here in Fresno. It is already about 90 degrees here in Fresno. If it hits 110 in Fresno today it will probably only be anywhere between 100 degrees and 105 degrees in San Jose. I never thought that those temperatures would ever be considered ok, but when compared to 110 degrees the heat in San Jose doesn't seem so bad.

Yeay! I'm going back to the bay area and I will be able to see John tonight. I can't wait to see him.

June 7th, 2008

I have a Boyfriend

I have a boyfriend. His name is John and we met at church. We have been dating for three weeks now. On our first date he took me to a French restraunt at Santana Row. Then we did a little shopping, at the mall, he bought me an expensive pair of sunglasses. Then we went to the beach, in Carmel, and hung out there for a couple of hours. Then we went to a Japanese restraunt on the water in Monterrey and saw the sunset from the beach at moss landing. He has already met my dad, one of my aunts, and my grandpa and his second wife. He has also already met my best friend, who lives in Merced.

Then he broke up with me a week ago, and on Thursday night we had a long talk at his place and ended up getting back together. He gave me a sterling silver bracelet that is from Tiffany & Co. It is super nice and has a heart charm on it. We have gone for many walks and lunches and dinners out. He even trusts me to drive his Jaguar. I will probably never get to drive the Corvet though because I only know how to drive cars with automatic transmission and of course the Corvet has a manual transmission. Oh well, I was really surprised that he let me drive his Jaguar even after we compared stories about cars that we have totaled in the past. I find it kind of strange that we have both totaled at least one car.

April 16th, 2008

new computer

So I finally talked my dad into helping me buy a new laptop. It doesn't have as many gadgets and gismos as some do, but it's a lot better than the desktop I have had since fall 2002, since the beginning of my freshmen year. I really like my new computer. I used school as an excuse to buy it. My old desktop is finally starting to act up, but it is way overdue for replacement. My dad put $450 towards the total cost. Well I have to go get ready to go to my next class.

March 15th, 2008

I got the summer job!!!

Well I got a job working at a girl scout camp for about two weeks. Camp Hidden Falls is near Santa Cruz and I will be working with a drama program there as the choreographer. I will also possibly be working with family camp if they have a group of people who speak Spanish they would put me with them. I will make about $600 in two weeks, YAY!!!

I also will start my preprofessional experience in teaching that is required to get into the credential program on Monday morning. I will be volunteering with a teacher who teaches Spanish 1 & 2 which are the levels that I want to teach in the future. I will be volunteering on Monday and Wednesday mornings at Branham High School in Sabrina Wolf's classroom.

I need to find out when enrollment starts for the summer session so I can sign up for a class in the 6 week session. I still want to take the once a week Saturday class that is 6 hours long. I want to get the class over with in 6 weeks instead of dealing with it for an entire semester.

March 7th, 2008

I hate...

I hate the way I always fall behind in at least one class. I am currently three articles behind in my recreation and leisure studies class and the midterm is on Tuesday. I hate midterms. At least the prof was nice enough to take one of the articles off of the midterm. That is why I'm only three articles behind schedule. And my 100W professor pushed back the take home essay that was supposed to be due on Tuesday as well. However she did not say how far back she pushed the due date. I am also trying to find a 30 hour volunteer experience in a high school classroom because that is a requirement to get into the teaching credential program for secondary education. I also have to pass the CSET and the CBEST in order to apply to the credential program. So far I have only passed the math section of the CBEST and haven't passed any of the CSET Spanish sections. I have to pass all three sections of the CSET and reading and writing on the CBEST still. I hate taking standardized tests. Plus I'm trying to go into education when most districts in California are firing instead of hiring thaks to the governors proposed budget cuts. He want to cut 10% out of the states public education budget. Oh well hopefully things will be better by the time I get done with my teaching credential. If not there are always the private schools. I might get a job this summer working at a girl scout camp, Camp Hidden Falls. If I get a job there I will be working from July 26 until August 10. It's not very many days, but I would be making about 42 dollars a day. That amount times roughly 16 days is close to $700 before taxes. So after taxes I would probably take home about $600 or so. Not bad for only working two weeks. I hope I get a job at the camp so I can pay off my credit card and still have a little bit of money left over for once the school year starts. I hate the fact that the job market is a rat race right now. I might even do the six week summer school session just because the class I could take is offered once a week for one six hour block of time. It would be from 9am until 3pm on Saturday with the session going from June 2 until July 11. That way my dad will continue to give me money during the summer. If I don't go to summer school all my dad will give me is rent money. But if I go to summer school and take one class that meets once a week for six weeks I will still have enough free time to do fun stuff during the week and sleep in five days a week as well as get money from my dad. So right now the summer school thing is sounding pretty good. Especially since I could still work at the resident camp because it starts after the six week summer session ends.

February 29th, 2008

royaly ticked off!!!

I am so mad at my aunt right now. She is so selfish. I asked her for spring break off from work so I can spend the week in Fresno with my parents, and I only work in the office two days a week maximum and I have only taken one day off since I started working again in July after coming back from Spain, and she flipped out just because the bills go out that week. It isn't like the bills are ever ready on time anyway. She doesn't understand how little time I get to spend with my parents and she wants to ruin my spring break. She wants me to come back to San Jose five days early just to work in her office for a couple of hours on Thursday. That will ruin not only spring break but also my birthday because I won't be able to be at home on the 31 of March which is my birthday. She is such a selfish jerk. She never thinks about how I feel about anything. She just does it and assumes that it's fine with me and then after I get upset about it she pretends like she had nothing to do with it and asks me why I'm upset and she knows darn well why I'm upset. She just doesn't want to look like the bad guy to my dad. When even my dad usually agrees with me and he also thinks she is a selfish jerk.

February 16th, 2008

Break - Up

So Mike broke up with me the Sunday before Valentine's Day. Yet again I had no Valentine. Although I did get quite a few gifts from family and roommates. Christine gave me Lip Gloss and Godiva Chocolate, Aletta got me Laffy Taffy, My grandparents sent chocolates, and my aunt gave me candy as well. I know that there are much bigger and better fish in the sea. It's time for an up-grade in the boyfriend department. Looks like I'm back on the market so to speak, but oh well.

January 23rd, 2008

not wanting it to end

I don't want winter break to end. But the inevitable is happening at noon today. The semester hasn't even started yet and I already want it to be spring break. I would say summer break, but I will be going to summer school this year. I have senioritis. I put in my paperwork to apply for graduation on Friday and I hope they process it soon. Oh well, at least the forms are in well before the deadline. I will be graduating in fall of this year. I don't want to go to my Wednesday classes. I have Italian 1B and some computer class that meets a requirement to get into the teaching credential program. So at noon today I will be in Italian class and at 4pm I will be in that computer class.

January 18th, 2008

Life is good, well, almost

So Mike and I are seeing a lot of each other. He treats me really well and has a lot of respect and love for me. I am now almost out of Christmas money, down to $140 in my checking account. But on the up side my dad will be depositing $850 on Tuesday.
I am still looking for a second job. I decided to try to go back to coaching gymnastics. So I decided to try to get back on at the California Sports Center, where I worked the summer before I went to Spain. School starts on Wednesday. I admit to being a little bit bored right now, but if I get a second job I wouldn't be.
Once school starts I won't have time to be bored though. Between working my current job, taking 14 units, and hopefully working at the gymnastics club again, plus having time to spend with Mike and other friends, plus church and homework. It makes me crazy just thinking about having to do all of that. But there is absolutely nothing in that list that I can cut out.
I need to learn to be better at time management as well as being better at money management so I can get my credit card payed off. My total bill is just under $500 which is the lowest it's been since May of last year. I am hoping to get it down to $0.00 by may of this year.

January 15th, 2008

family new years resolution

So my dad came up with a new years resolution for the family. As a family we will send at least one email a week to each person in our immediate family. It is supposed to help improve comunication within the family. Only time will tell if it helps or not. I think it's just a way for my dad to check up on me on a weekly basis. Oh well, since he is supporting me financially right now I guess he has a right to weekly updates of what's happening in the world of Sherry. However it is a little bit annoying to have to remember to send the email and to only write things in it that my dad won't have a problem with.

January 8th, 2008


So here I am, a senior in college and my parents tell me two semesters prior to graduation that I might have to take out student loans to pay for my teaching credential. So what now? I need to find a job and start saving up my money. I want to go back to coaching gymnastics at California Sports Center because it is fun and the management is great. I sent in my resume a couple of hours ago and hope to hear back soon. With my school schedule it will be difficult to work anyplace where I would have to be there more than three days a week so coaching really is my only desirable option. I will start looking into other gymnastics clubs in the South Bay if CSC doesn't want me back. I need to pay off my credit card as well as save up for after graduation.
I would love to save for a trip to San Diego to visit my cousin as well. I might go at the end of May after finals end. I will also be going to summer school for the first time since after my first year in college. But for now I just work twice a week for my aunt and I hardly make any money at all doing that. That job is more of a burden than anything else. Oh well, at least I have some income as little as it may be. I can only live off of my dad's money for so long. It's been great, but that time is coming when I will have to stand on my own two feet. I hope I don't wrack up too much debt while getting my teaching credential, but who knows, tuition keeps going up. They don't understand that the students are not rich.
Oh well, I hope to get a lot of money for my birthday in March just like I did for Christmas. I am currently living off my Christmas money until the check from my dad gets deposited on the 20 of this month. I have over $500 left with hardly any expenses left for the month. At least I am financially stable for now. I need to learn to be better at saving my money and spending it only on what is neccessary instead of blowing it on random things.

January 7th, 2008

life is good

So life is good. I got lots of money for Christmas and most of it is still in the bank. I also got a check of money to buy textbooks with. The money situation is pretty good considering that I get another check on January 20 for the next month. This is great. However it would be nice if I could get another part time job just to pay off my credit card and start saving for after graduation.

Speaking of graduating, I just found out today that I will be graduating in Fall 2008. I got the ball rolling on all of the paper work today and I have until March 1 to get my GE and minor advising done so I can walk in next years ceremony.

I have to take part of the CSET exam this Saturday and the CBEST exam on February 9, also a Saturday. I have to register for two other sections of the CSET as well as do a couple of other things this semester so I can apply to the secondary teaching credential program in fall so I can enter the program in Spring 2009.

Things are also going well on the romance front. Mike and I have now been together almost three months. Tonight he came over and we cooked dinner together. We made taco salad and it turned out really good.

December 15th, 2007


Mike is coming home with me for Christmas. How wonderful is that? So far everyone in my family absolutely loves him. There are still a couple of family members that he has yet to meet, and he will meet them on Christmas weekend. He is a really easy going guy, he is also the quiet type.

So does anyone know what Christmas is really suposed to be all about? It is not all about lights, trees, presents, santa, or any other decoration. It is about the birth of Jesus Christ. A lot of people forget about what Christmas is really about because of all of the things that distract us from the real meaning of Christmas.

November 19th, 2007

I Have A Boyfriend

It's official, I have my first ever boyfriend. His name is Mike and he is super nice and also gets bonus points for being good looking. He is a little bit taller than me, short straight dark hair, dark skin, and is Mexican. I met him at church. He plays the electric base guitar and likes the same kind of music as I do. He is currently working trying to pay off all his debts so he can go to school and not be in debt from the get go, which I think is a good idea. He will be spending Thanksgiving with my family. So far all have been warned except my grandparents. Even my dad is looking forward to meeting him. I hope he doesn't ask a million and one questions. I have this vision in my head of my dad making a list of questions a mile long to ask him. My grandma will most likely have a list of questions for him as well. I am looking forward to spending the holiday with Mike at my side.

October 17th, 2007

I hate school

So I really hate school. I hate midterms, tests, written and oral projects, as well as research assignments. I also hate homework. I spent over an hour in the foriegn language media center today trying to do my workbook for my Italian class. Of course the lab CD's they have there don't have all of the activities that are in the workbook on them. So I don't know what I'm going to do to finish it. My prof doesn't have office hours until Friday and the exam is on Monday, which means that the workbook is also due on Monday. I also have a midterm in Spanish literature on Friday that I am so not ready for. I have a written project due in Italian on Friday, and since I didn't get to do my oral test today I also have that coming up on Friday. I also have an essay due in Spanish literature in a week from this Friday. I also have a semester long research assignment in my ecotourism class that I am already behind on. I hate this semester. I feel like I am going to fail at least one class, I hope I don't do that though. I think I am going to die because I'm so smothered with school work. School is making it so that life in general is a living nightmare. I am going to have to do an all nighter tomarrow night in order to finish everything that is due by Friday and or Monday. What a nightmare!

October 8th, 2007

Swamped with school work

I am so screwed in my ecotourism class. I have a project due on Wednesday that we are supposed to be working on in pairs and my partner for the project is not responding when I try to contact him. And to make matters worse it has to be a powerpoint presentation and I don't have the software, nor do I have the resources to buy it. I already emailed the professor and she even tried to contact him and he still hasn't responded. So she told me to just make a bullet pointed outline by Wednesday and she will give me the software on Wednesday. I hope she wont give me only late credit for it because it really isn't my fault. My partner for the project wasn't even in class last week so I will most likely end up having to do the entire project by myself. This project is worth 20 percent of the overall grade. I also have to come up with three articles from scholarly sources about volunteer tourism by Wednesday as well. Volunteer tourism is my research topic for the big research assignment due at the end of the term.

I also have an essay due in Spanish that is due on Friday. And I have to correct the last essay that was turned in. Plus there is new homework assigned every class period. The Spanish literature midterm is coming up in a week from today, Monday, and I feel like I don't know anything in that class. There is new reading assigned every class period. There is also new homework assigned every day in my Italian 1A class.

There is so much work to be done and so little time to do it. There are only 24 hours in a day and so I will probably be pulling all nighters on Monday and Tuesday nights this week. These will be my first all nighters since coming back from Spain. Oh well, what matters is that the work gets done.

August 31st, 2007

beach bonfire

So I went to a bonfire at Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz tonight and had a blast. I went with my church group and we all had a really good time. That was the first bonfire I have ever been to. And since almost all of the guys there are Eagle Scouts we had the biggest and most long lasting bonfire on the beach. We pretty much took over the beach because there were so many of us. I think the group next to us was pretty annoyed with the amount of noise that our party was making. Between Amory's creations such as a smore hotdog and setting the gram crackers on fire and some other guy threw a plastic water bottle with the water in it still into the fire it made for an interesting night. We also had some pretty interesting conversations in Natalie's car on the way there we talked about homosexuality and on the way back we talked about psychiatric disorders. On the way back we also got stuck in the middle of an intersection due to police activity, we think it was a drug bust. So overall it was a pretty interesting night. But it was also a lot of fun. A big group of us passed around a white hat and made everyone sitting with us take a picture wearing it. We talked about life and other crazy stuff. We shared about what we hav been doing for the last year or two of our lives.

August 21st, 2007

I need to find a job

So it's official, I have no money. Well actually I have $28 in my bank account and a ten dollar bill in my wallet and that's it. I can't seem to find any jobs that I would actually want. Right now I'm working two mornings a week at my aunt's law office and it is really boring. I need to get a second job for the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday. I need money and I need it soon. Luckily my dad is going to make a deposit on Saturday for $800, but that has to last all month and includes rent, utilities, food, and gas for my car. I'm so glad that I already bought my books. Also I'm so bored without anything to do on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I also need to buy some new church clothes. Once the budget allows for that, which will be once I find another job.
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